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For Services Rendered

As part of the ongoing commemoration of the centenary of the First World War, we present this powerful work from 1932, which explores the way in which, over ten years later, the Great War continues to blight the lives of those who lived through it.

The Ardsleys live an apparently comfortable existence in a quiet English town. Head of the household Leonard sees no reason to question the old certainties, but his children and their circle are still paying the price of war. Son Sydney served heroically but lost his sight and is now an embittered invalid with little to do but torment his emotionally fragile sister Eva, whose fiancé was killed in the conflict.

Another sister, Ethel, is trapped in an ill-advised war-time marriage to a struggling tenant farmer. Youngest sister Lois leads an aimless existence as one of the "surplus" women caused by the huge loss of life amongst the men of her generation. And family friend Collie has been discharged from the Navy but is proving hopelessly incompetent in civilian life. Only brash nouveau riche summer visitors Wilfred and Gwen Cedar seem immune.

Over the course of a few days in late summer tragic events unfold that shatter the fragile calm

at the Welsh Church Hall

Fri 20 October 8pm
Sat 21 October 2.30pm and 8pm

Fri 27 October 8pm
Sat 28 October 2.30pm and 8pm

The 2.30pm performance on Saturday 28th October will be BSL signed

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