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Snow White in the Forest

Snow White

by Chris Lane
additional material by Cathy Love

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Mirror, mirror on the wall…

We invite you to the Kingdom of Pimplevania, home to Snow White who is lovely in every conceivable way. No wonder the magic mirror declares her to be "the fairest of them all". But not in the view of her wicked Stepmother, who flies into a jealous rage at the news and plots her death. The beautiful princess is forced to flee to the safety of a strange cottage in the forest. But who is the curious crone with the basket of apples? And can true love's kiss really save the day?

A rip-roaring show that includes everything a good panto should: a beautiful Princess, a (very) handsome Prince, an Evil Queen, bumbling spies and a lovesick Dame.

at the Welsh Church Hall
879 Leytonstone High Road
E11 1HR

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£8 adults, £5 concessions
Special rate for parties*

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Fri 11 January 2013 8pm
Sat 12 January 2013 2.30 and 7.30pm
[Note 12 Jan 2.30 sold out]

Fri 18 January 2013 8pm
Sat 19 January 2013 2.30 and 7.30pm [ALL PERFORMANCES NOW SOLD OUT]

*1 free full price ticket for every 9 (full price and/or concessions) booked. If booking online, please pay for all tickets and a cash refund will be given at the Box Office. Note there is now no longer any extra charge for booking online.

Magic Mirror Anthea Wormington
The King Richard Penney
The Queen Lesley Winterflood
Sniff Phil Braithwaite
Dribble Ruth Rouse
Nanny Goté Sean Chapman
Snow White Jenny Williamson
Prince Charming Rudy Huemer
Derek Danny Mullings
Tour Guide Sue Flindall
Dangling Dan Andrew Harker
Boss Simon Wilson
Cheery LJ Hickerton
Moody Anthony Smith
Snoozy Sharon Trotter
Fluey Kelly Read
Blushy Kevin Byrne
Dozey Helena Braithwaite
Chorus Elizabeth Braithwaite, Jackie Withnall,
Kimber Heath-Renn, Steve Wright,
Sophie Balasuriya, Colin Heinink, Vaughan Thomas
Children Caitlin Love, Kyra Adebisi-Pearce,
Harvey Saunders, Clara Balasuriya
Director Cathy Love
Assistant Director Jeanette Tucker
Technical Director Peter Raggett
Musical Director Jax Braithwaite
Stage Manager Emily Stephens
Lighting operation Moses Wootten
Follow Spot Katharina Alex
Sound operation Peter Raggett
Set design/build Steve Cahill-Hayes, Bobby Thorn and the cast
Costumes Vaughan Prosser
Front of House Managers Gill Taylor, Jenny Moorby, Salley Rear
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Images by and © Stephen Cahill-Hayes
Poster design: Declan McGuire