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Photo of old people in bed


by Jim Cartwright

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Part of the Spring 2012 Double Bill

Cartwright puts his more familiar social realism on the back burner for this meditation on ageing and mortality, although his customary humour and poetic writing remain very much to the fore.

Seven bed mates put in a hard day's night, flitting between fitful dreams and submerged memories, watched over all the while by a taunting and mischievous bed head. Using music, movement and song, this production follows these travellers on their long journey into night.

at the Welsh Church Hall
879 Leytonstone High Road
E11 1HR

Fri 9 March 2012, 8pm
Sat 10 March 2012, 2.30pm and 8pm

Fri 16 March 2012, 8pm
Sat 17 March 2012, 2.30pm and 8pm
at the
Waltham Forest Festival of Theatre

For information on ticket pricing see Festival website

Sat 24 March 2012, 7.30pm

Journey Planner
Captain James Daybell
Charles William Barklam
Sermon Head Emily Carmichael
Couple Man Gagan Rehill
Couple Woman Jax Braithwaite
Bosom Lady Clare Joseph
Spinster Gill Taylor
Marjorie Cathy Love
Director James McKendrick
Stage Manager Sarah Fox
Producer Jeannette Tucker
Original Music Cameron Dunham
Lighting Design Declan McGuire
Lighting Operation Amine Cherif / Robert Bettelheim / Declan McGuire
Sound Design Peter Raggett & James McKendrick
Sound Operation Jeanette Tucker
Set Designer Rob Bettelheim
Set Build Steve Cahill-Hayes & Rob Bettelheim
Choreography Jessie Greer
Front of House Managers Anna Treadway, Ben Wille
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Images by and © Stephen Cahill-Hayes and Peter Raggett
Poster design: Declan McGuire