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Salley Rear

Salley Rear
Chairman, Welsh Church Liaison

A regular on and off stage for many years, Salley now chairs the group and liaises with the church elders and other hall users
email Salley

Colin Heinink in 'The Public Eye' (2007)

Colin Heinink

Colin joined the group in 2005 and quickly made a name for himself in productions, most notably when he proposed to Anna Treadway in front of a packed hall at the end of Ali Baba. | email Colin

Vaughan Prosser as Sultan Pepper  in 'Ali Baba and the Four Tea Leaves' (2006/7)

Vaughan Prosser
Having played various roles since joining Woodhouse in 2005, including both dame and villain in panto, Vaughan continues his role on the committee as treasurer
email Vaughan

Vi Gostling, our President

Vi Gostling

Our President, who is also President of the Leytonstone Festival, has a wealth of experience in local drama, as well as a history with the group.

Kate Harper, as Sore Head in 'Jack and the Beanstalk' (2004-5)

Kate Harper
Membership Secretary, Induction, Deputy website
Having joined in 2004, Kate is an actor and techie as well as the writer/director of two one-act plays where she gets other group members to act out her life | email Kate

Jenny Moorby in 'The Procedure' (2006)

Jennifer Moorby
Front of House liaison

Jenny works on developing and improving front of house as well as finding time to regularly tread the boards on stage | email Jackie and Jenny

Jackie Withnall at the Kenneth More Theatre  in 'Under Milk Wood' (2007)

Jackie Withnall
When Jackie isn't working tirelessly on publicity promoting the group in numerous places she spends her time wielding implements as a villager in Woodhouse productions email Jackie and Jenny

Emerson Povey

Emerson Povey
Technical liaison
After offering to help out with Stage Management for Ali Baba in 2006, Emerson now finds himself not only doing technical work and set construction, but being on the committee as well.

Dan Uzstan

Dan Usztan
Social liaison / Production co-ordination
Since joining the group in 2007 and promptly winning a festival award, Dan has directed two productions and acted in a further two. Dan's aim is to actually appear on the Woodhouse stage at some point. email Dan

Phil and Liz together in 'Jekyll and Hyde - make mine a double'(2005)

Phil and Liz Braithwaite
Box Office

Not on the committee, but Phil and Liz look after the Woodhouse box office and programme production.

Peter in a staged and unnatural pose during 'Ali Baba and the Four Tea Leaves' (2006/7)

Peter Raggett

Also not on the committee, Pete maintains this very website you are looking at now and is generally seen at the back of the hall doing technical things on shows. | email Pete

2007-8 committee >

 W H A T   W E   D O

The committee exists to support the members in pursuing their chosen activities and goals. We handle money and make operational decisions so that things run smoothly and the members get a good experience.

We meet every six weeks. Any member of Woodhouse can come to committee meetings. The dates of forthcoming meetings are listed in the diary.

 M I N U T E S

We meet roughly every six weeks. Download the minutes of our meetings here:

See minutes for 2007-8
See minutes for 2006-7
See minutes for 2005-6
See minutes for 2004-5

 W A N T   I N ?

If you're interested in becoming a member of committee, you can stand for election at the AGM. For a quick rundown of this process, see here.

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