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 M E M B E R S  >  C O M M I T T E E   2 0 0 6 - 7

Stephen Balchin as Enfield in 'Jekyll and Hyde - Make Mine a Double' (2005)

Stephen Balchin
Deputy Chair (to Sept '06), Chairman (from Sept '06), Productions Co-ordinator, New Writing

Steve has written a ton of stuff for Woodhouse, and the actors have even been known to actually deliver it as written. | email Stephen

James Goodman, as Dick in 'Dick Whittington's Cat' (2005-6)

James Goodman

James has been persuaded to go into bat once more for Woodhouse with his trusty chequebook and evil grin.

Vi Gostling, our President

Vi Gostling

Our President is Chair of the Leytonstone Festival, and has a wealth of experience in local drama, as well as a history with the group.

Kate Harper, as Sore Head in 'Jack and the Beanstalk' (2004-5)

Kate Harper
Membership Secretary, Induction

An actor, techie and most recently a writer, Kate keeps everyone informed about what's going on.

Jenny Moorby in 'The Procedure' (2006)

Jennifer Moorby
Publicity / Front of House

Jenny escaped her day job as a teacher by playing a teacher as her first role.

Thos Ribbits in 'Second from Last in the Sack Race' (2005)

Thos Ribbits
Secretary, Inventory

Thos should not be washed at temperatures above 40° and should only be consumed as part of a calorie controlled diet.

Tim Saward in 'Our Ada's Parrot' (2006)

Tim Saward
Chairman & Website (to Sept '06)

Tim's doing a final five months as Chair before going back to college to learn to grow up a bit.

Jackie Withnall as the Cook in 'Dick Whittington's Cat' (2005-6)

Jackie Withnall
Publicity / Front of House

Jackie works with Jenny Moorby on publicising each production with a whirlwind of activity.

Phil and Liz together in Jekyll and Hyde (2005)

Phil and Liz Braithwaite
Box Office

Not on the committee, but Phil and Liz look after the Woodhouse box office and programme production.

At the controls of a Master Internet Gateway

Peter Raggett
Website (from Sept '06) RSS feed

Also not on the committee, Peter looks after our website when he isn't doing technical work for shows.

2005-6 committee >

 W H A T   W E   D O

The committee exists to support the members in pursuing their chosen activities and goals. We handle money and make operational decisions so that things run smoothly and the members get a good experience.

We meet every six weeks. Any member of Woodhouse can come to committee meetings. The dates of forthcoming meetings are listed in the diary.

 M I N U T E S

We meet roughly every six weeks. Download the minutes of our meetings here: < see previous year's minutes
< see 2004-5 minutes

 W A N T   I N ?

If you're interested in becoming a member of committee, you can stand for election at the AGM. For a quick rundown of this process, see here.

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