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 M E M B E R S  >  C O M M I T T E E   2 0 0 5 - 0 6

Stephen Balchin as Him in 'Interior Designs' (2002)

Stephen Balchin
Deputy Chair, Productions Co-ordinator, New Writing

Steve writes, acts, directs and also Yoda his sentences construct like can.

James Goodman, as Lampo Davey in 'Second From Last in the Sack Race' (2005)

James Goodman

James brings ruthless efficiency and jocund calm to the job of treasurer. A winning combination!

Vi Gostling, our President

Vi Gostling

Our President is also the Vice-Chair of Waltham Forest Arts Council and Chair of the Leytonstone Festival, and has a wealth of experience in local drama.

Kate Harper, as Sore Head in 'Jack and the Beanstalk' (2004-5)

Kate Harper
Membership Secretary, Induction

Having joined in 2004, Kate brings formidable organising skills to the task of keeping new and old members in the communications loop!

Carla MacLean as Matron in 'Jekyll and Hyde - Make Mine a Double' (2005)

Carla MacLean
Workshops and One-offs

Carla trained at LIPA and has been involved with almost every production since Dracula in 2003.

Thos Ribbits in 'Great Happiness!' (2005)

Thos Ribbits
Secretary, Inventory

Thos has an administrative soul and a house made entirely from paperclips.

Tim Saward in 'Great Happiness!' (2005)

Tim Saward
Chairman, Programme Co-ordination, Website

Tim joined Woodhouse in 2001. He acts, composes, directs and occasionally plays the tuba.

Sonja Wardle as Mother in 'Metamorphosis' (2005)

Sonja Wardle

Sonja transfers her sales experience into some decent hard-sell for Woodhouse! She joined the group in 2004.

2004-5 committee >

 W H A T   W E   D O

The 2005-6 committee did lotsa stuff.

We met every six weeks, upped the number of main productions, rationalised the group's holdings and sorted out membership records. Check out the current committee page to see who's in now and what they're up to.

 M I N U T E S

We meet roughly every six weeks. Download the minutes of our meetings here:

see subsequent minutes >

< see previous year's minutes

 W A N T   I N ?

If you're interested in becoming a member of committee, you can stand for election at the AGM. For a quick rundown of this process, see here.

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