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 G E T   I N V O L V E D

You may come to us with particular skills and experiences, or you may be completely new to amateur drama. Below are some of the ways you could get involved, but if you can imagine helping in a different way - or aren't sure exactly what you'd want to do, then just contact us. The chances are we need help from someone just like you - even if your skills aren't in traditional theatre things.

Some roles are demanding; others require just a small commitment of time and effort; it all helps! If you want to know more about us before taking the plunge, read the about us page, or if you want to see some of our previous work, see the video and audio clips on our audio-video page.

Some roles you can choose from:

    We're actively recruiting for people to design and operate lighting and sound
  • Creative Roles
    acting, choreography, costume, directing, make up, music, set, writing...
  • Practical Roles
    Front of house, handywork, producing, stage management, technical, transport...
  • Spare Time/Flexible Roles
    Things you can do even if you can't fit in with our rehearsal schedule, like box office, digital work, graphic design, DTP, props, marketing, website...

 C R E A T I V E   R O L E S

Robert Bettelheim's lighting design adding to the atmosphere for Metamorphosis  (2005)

Lighting Designer
Enjoy fiddling with the electrics? Have an idea about shadow and gels, focusing and rigging? Then you might enjoy lighting one of our productions. We have a modest set up at our venue, ideal for gaining experience. | LIGHT AND SOUND PAGE

Sound editing package

Sound Designer
If you know how to create and cue sound effects for live performance (or know a bit and would like somewhere to practice) then you could help us as we expand our sound capability this year. | LIGHT AND SOUND PAGE

Khadija Cheetham-Slade in a pre-publicity shot for Hayfever (2003)

Every production needs actors of all types. We have open auditions for every production. Anyone, whether a current member or not, can come and audition for any part. See the diary for the dates of our next auditions.

Steve Balchin, Jonathan Kitchen and Tim Saward in Les Liaisons Dangereuses (2001)

Although Woodhouse doesn't do much dance, we do have numbers in our pantos and some other shows, and movement (e.g. fights) is often very important.

Ruth Rouse and Phil Braithwaite in 'The Little Mermaid' (2007-8)

If you know about fabrics, looks and styles and can spot a bargain you would be ideal. Help us make the best of what we have in stock. If you have some making skills that would be a real bonus too.

Tim Saward calls the shots (yeah, right) during Dracula - The Vampire Strikes Back (2003)

Director/Assistant Director
Whether you're an old hand or want to try it out, we welcome new directors. Sometimes we have Assistant Directors who help out while gaining directing experience.

Mel Gault applies the Dame's make-up to Andy Grant for Ali Baba and the Four Tea Leaves (2006-7)

Make Up Artist
We really need some people who could help with creating looks for our casts, and maybe also help on the night to realise them. If you're a dab hand, this could be for you.

Dan Smith in 'Daisy Pulls It Off' (2007)

Musical Director/Song Coach
Some of our shows, particularly panto, have songs in them. Could you help our actors bring their singing up to scratch? Other shows sometimes need performers to make recordings or play live.

Martin Keary working on sound for Habeas Corpus (2007)

Music Creator
Got skills in making music? From traditional composition to new electronic stuff, we could use your skills in creating original incidental music for our productions, either via recordings or live performance.

Sabrina's Sunken Galleon from 'The Little Mermaid' (2007-8)

Set Designer
Can you make very little say a lot? We don't have huge resources, a few flats and some scaffolding, but if you wanted to help us get creative with our sets, and give us new ways to really use our space, then we'd love your input.

Immortal words as rendered by Victor Craven of 10to1productions.co.uk for Dracula - The Vampire Strikes Back (2003)

Interested in seeing some of your work on the stage? We regularly produce and encourage new writing, showcasing one-act plays every Spring. See our new writing page for general info, and the diary for upcoming writing events.

 P R A C T I C A L   R O L E S

Refreshments table during the Spring Double Bill (2016)

Front of House
Allocating tickets, serving refreshments, ushering. Our audiences need taking care of at our performances.

Steve Cahill-Hayes with Dr Jekyll's Essence Distillation Engine (2005)

Every set needs a builder: we always need lots of help to saw, screw, nail together, glue, paint, put up, assemble and generally do wonders with our sets and practical props.

Thos Ribbits keeping an eye on the props for Ali Baba and the Four Tea Leaves (2006-7)

If you're good at getting things organised, enjoy running a project and get on well with people, you could take charge of the logistics and planning of a production.

Emerson Povey and Ruth Rouse  preparing the evil Sultan's cave for Ali Baba and the Four Tea Leaves (2006-7)

Stage Manager
Keep the show running smoothly behind the scenes, keeping props in order and making sure communications between front and back of house run smoothly.

Kimber Heath-Renn with the not all all dangerous job of loading a cannon with explosives in 'The Little Mermaid' (2007-8)

Assistant Stage Manager
For larger shows such as panto we will need extra assistance behind the scenes and this is an ideal way to see how a show works

Sarah McLeod and Peter Raggett operating lights, sound and pyrotechnics for Ali Baba and the Four Tea Leaves (2006-7)

Technical Operators
Fancy trying your hand at cueing effects, working a lighting board or cueing music? If so, Woodhouse would be a great place to start.

Our usual means of transit to the Waltham Forest Festival, but much prone to solenoidal exhaustion in the ventricular cells in the Summer months

Transport Driver
If there's one thing we don't have enough of, it's people willing to give up time to drive our sets and actors to festivals in the Spring (and to transport items to the Church Hall for regular productions). If you possess a van too we'll love you forever.

 F L E X I B L E / S P A R E   T I M E   R O L E S

The fact that Thos neither has a box nor is in an office doesn't put him off ensuring the audience is being looked after as they come to see Ali Baba and the Four Tea Leaves (2006-7)

Box Office
If you can respond to phonecalls and emails efficiently and keep a track of bookings for our shows, you could take some of the weight from our existing box office team.

A mouth-in-a-wall created for us by Steve Johnson of mahoogie.com for Dracula - The Vampire Strikes Back (2003)

Digital Wizards
Unusually for theatre folk, we're not technophobic. If you have ideas about how to integrate computers into shows (projection, flash movies, internet collaboration), we're all ears! We've experimented with this and would like to learn more.

Some Woodhouse Posters

Graphic Designer
As you can see, we need a lot of graphic design for our posters and other publicity as well as for this site. If you had some spare hours to give to making a poster, that would be a major contribution.


Programme Editor
Assembling one of our programmes is an interesting editorial task if you're looking for experience of pulling together nicely-designed informational material.

Jan Prendergast with the comedy seagull of "Habeas Corpus" (2007)

Props Finder
All of our productions call for props and some call for unusual ones. If you've got time to hunt out some of the obscure items we sometimes need, we'd love to hear from you.

Delphine Dunne assisting with "Habeas Corpus" (2007)

Production Assistant
Some of our plays will need assistance with production work which is an ideal way to find out how shows are put together and get a good feel for the group

Oliver Clement, Jackie Withnall and Salley Rear in Leytonstone

Publicity Assistant
If you're good at writing copy you might be able to help with our press releases, or creating text for fliers or the website. Or maybe you could help distribute our posters and flyers on the street or through the post.

our website

Website Editor
Our site now has quite a lot of pages and is being updated more regularly than before. If you fancy a web maintenance/development project, maybe you'd like to help run our website - HTML skills very useful and other web skills even more so!

 R E C R U I T I N G

We need light and sound creatives and technicians!

 W H Y   C H O O S E   U S ?

Unlike some amateur groups we're not cliquey and have no pecking order. It's just as easy for a brand new member to take a main part or a responsible production role as for a long-serving member.

We also try to be open to new ideas about how to do productions - especially ones that really fit our budget and numbers!

We have about 40 members at the moment. We welcome new acting members, and this year we especially want to find technical people, costume people, makeup people and other backstagers. If you know a little bit about lighting, sound, computers in theatre or costume, then we'll be delighted to hear from you. You don't have to be an actor to do AmDram (and sometimes it doesn't even help!)

 N E W   T O   A M D R A M   ?

If you haven't done amateur drama before, here's some things to consider. Amdram is enormous fun, done on a shoestring, very social. Nobody gets paid, everyone works hard!

But it's a team effort, so to make it an enjoyable experience for everyone, some individual commitments are involved:

  • You'll need to turn up to rehearsals/meetings as scheduled, on time
  • You'll need to let your director know in good time about holidays and other time you can't be at rehearsals
  • Actors need to be prepared to put in a bit of work on the backstage side
  • You'll need to be prepared to be a little bit challenged, be open minded about trying new things, and work co-operatively with your director
  • Actors need to learn lines!
  • Shows can be a bit stressful! You'll need to be able to keep smiling under the stress of live performance, and do your best to keep a calm and professional attitude with everyone.

When everyone's showing good commitment it really raises the experience and makes us feel like we know why we do this!

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